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Biodiesel is an oxygenated clean fuel with the advantages of good lubrication performance, safe storage, transportation and use, good explosion resistance, biodegradable, renewable resources, non-toxic, safe combustion and so on. And it can be obtained by the new centrifugal separation process with vegetable oil, animal oil, oil soap foot and other lipids and water oil as raw materials.

It can efficiently separate the reaction mixture into the heavy phase (glycerol and methyl ester) and the light phase (biodiesel), and at the same time discharge a small amount of solid impurities. The separation process is continuous and fully enclosed; and fully automated PLC control is implemented. The explosion-proof mode is divided into two configurations: motor explosion-proof and hydrogen-charged explosion-proof.

Chemical environmental protection

It is mainly used for the separation of chemical raw materials, paints, coatings and other materials, as well as the clarification and purification of waste liquid in light textile and chemical fiber industries. It is also suitable for the clarification and purification of analogs with relatively large solid phase density. The explosion-proof mode is divided into two configurations: motor explosion-proof and ammonia-filled explosion-proof.

Mineral oil

It is mainly used to remove water and mechanical impurities in the fuel and lubricating oil of equipment such as ship mooring main engine, land diesel engine power station, and other types of mineral oil, so as to reduce the wear of diesel engine or other machinery and prolong the service life of the machine. It is also suitable for the separation and clarification of similar materials of waste oil (black oil, delayed coking oil, tank washing oil, refining oil, etc.) in other petrochemical industries.

Cutting fluid (emulsion, cleaning fluid, etc.)

For oil-based working conditions, our company's solution can remove impurities and moisture, so that the fluid can always close to the new state; For water-based working conditions, our company's solution can remove impurities, slick oil and impurities wrapped in slick oil, so that the fluid can always close to the new state, thereby prolonging the service life of cutting fluid-related fluids. You should also pay attention to optimize the use environment and to reduce the use cost.

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