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LC/oil breathing H-HWM-A5 oil cleaning system device

Introduction of product

1.The equipment combines the advantages of concentrated force method, gasification method, condensation method, vacuum separation and mechanical filtration. By adopting the technologies of condensation, molecular absorption, vacuum drying and automatic emulsification, it can not only separate a large amount of water in the oil, but also remove a small amount of water in the oil. The dehydration and demulsification efficiency is high, making the turbid emulsified oil clear and transparent.

2.The sophisticated multi-stage filter element can effectively remove all kinds of impurities .The device can be encrypted step by step, and has large dirt holding capacity and long service life.

3.The advanced infrared liquid is located in the automatic control system, audible and visual automatic alarm system and pressure protection device to ensure safe and stable operation.

4.Turbine oil and low-viscosity lubricating oil can be processed online.


Widely used in the online processing of turbine oil for steam turbines, gas turbines, and water turbines in the power, chemical, paper, metallurgical and other industries to ensure unit adjustment and normal operation of the lubrication system. It can also process low-viscosity lubricating oil and cooling oil.

Introduction to key technologies

1.Vacuum system

The vacuum system consists of a vacuum tank, a vacuum pump, a condensate tank, a liquid accumulation tank, and an air supplement system .It adopts the optimized structure design, which greatly increases the surface area of the oil in the vacuum system and maximally prolongs the stroke of the oil in the vacuum system ,so that the moisture and gas in the oil can be fully overflowed .This equipment adopts an advanced anti-foaming system, so that the oil filter will never show the oil spraying phenomenon commonly seen in similar products when working.

2.Five-stage filtration system

The equipment adopts five-stage filtration technology, and the coarse filter at the suction port protects the oil pump and prolongs the service life of the main filter. There is a two-stage fine filter behind the pump to make the oil quickly reach the high degree of cleanliness. The filter material adopts imported special graded glass fiber material, which can filter particles of different sizes in layers,  greatly improving the service life of the filter element. With a complete filter element structure, it can effectively reduce the surface flow rate of the filter material and obtain a stable filtration accuracy.

3.Heating system

The equipment is heated step by step, and the surface heat load is less than 1.0w/cm, which will not cause oil deterioration due to overheating. The oil temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily at 0-100℃and controlled automatically. It is also equipped with a protection device, which can automatically stop working when the amount of oil is too low to avoid damage to the heater caused by dry burning.

4.Automatic Control System

This device uses a series of automatic control instruments such as frequency converters, liquid level transmitters, temperature sensors, vacuum sensors to collect various information about the operation of the equipment .And then the information is processed by the central processor to automatically control the operation of the whole equipment and monitor the operation status of the equipment. This machine is equipped with various protection devices (such as overload protection device, overvoltage protection device, phase sequence protection device, abnormal operation shutdown protection device) to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

5.The whole machine structure

The integrated bridge structure of the whole machine reduces the volume. And the use of integral detachable oil tank ensures oil-free operation on the ground and reduces environmental pollution. There are also a variety of models to choose from, such as mobile, fixed, fully enclosed, and vehicle-mounted.

Introduction to the decomposition of purification media

1.Remove water

The free water and dissolved water in the oil deteriorates the oil by reducing lubricity, oxidizing , and forming acid .It is not easy for oil without water to oxidize and form organic acids even when exposed to high temperature .The presence of organic acid compounds leads to corrosion. Water accelerates the thermal degradation of oil to produce particles or carbonaceous substances. The presence of water also causes the oil to polymerize to form macromolecule. Polymerization causes the change in viscosity, producing solids that will clog orifices and wear system components .

This device can remove 100% of free water and more than 95% of dissolved water. It can quickly remove the water from the oil, achieve oil-water separation, and achieve the effect of demulsification. At the same time, it can purify impurities and volatile substance (such as alcohol, gasoline, ammonia, etc.).It can improve oil quality, restore lubricating oil viscosity, flash point and performance. And ensure that the oil can play a normal role characteristics, the normal operation of the sealing system, the power system, and the lubrication system.

The device adopts German reverse osmosis dehydration system and rapid three-dimensional evaporation technology: When the emulsified oil purifier is working, the water-containing oil first enters the filter barrel equipped with the reverse osmosis filter material imported from Germany to achieve oil-water separation, demulsification, and a large amount of water in the net oil is separated. Then it enters the heater through the inlet under the action of the outside atmospheric pressure vacuum suction, after that the heated oil enters the primary filter, and the large particles of impurities are filtered out.Then the oil enters the vacuum separator and flows through the special divergence device. The diverging device generates a huge surface area per unit volume of oil, exposing the contaminated oil to the vacuum environment with very low relative humidity, so that the trace water and gas in the oil can be quickly drawn away; The evaporated water vapor and gas are condensed into liquid by the cooler, and enter the water reservoir together with the separated water in the reverse osmosis filter barrel to be discharged regularly. The water-removed oil is fed into the filter by the drain pump to remove particulate impurities, that is, the purified clean oil, and a purification process is completed. Depending on the water content, you can choose one or more cycles to completely remove the water.

2.Remove gas

The high-efficiency vacuum oil filter can remove 100% of free air and up to 75% of dissolved air. The air is purged as the oil passes through the vacuum tank. Other gases are reduced to trace amounts during the circulation time.

3.It can purge impurities

In order to remove suspended particulate substances, this device can filter out particles that cause abrasive wear in bearings, pumps and valves through three-stage filtration. It can also remove sludge that may accumulate in the gap between the valve core and the valve sleeve and cause seizure and instability in the electro-hydraulic servo valve. In insulating oil, this level of filtration can prevent electrical breakdown caused by the bridging effect of charged particles.


1.It has strong oil-water separation ability, and the demulsification, deep-level precision filter material can remove the fine particles in the oil.

2.It has large flow rate and high purification efficiency .So it’s suitable for rapid purification of large-capacity system oil.

3.With German reverse osmosis dehydration system, rapid three-dimensional evaporation technology and multi-level oil-water separation technology, it can quickly separate water, gas and impurities in the oil.

4.The machine is equipped with pressure protection, coalescence and separation drainage device to drain water during on-line operation, which is simple, safe and reliable.

5.It adopts high-quality oil-water separation filter materials imported from Germany, which has strong oil-water separation ability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, high precision in removing impurities, and long service life.

6.The advanced anti-foaming system is adopted, so that the oil filter will never show the oil spraying phenomenon commonly seen in similar products when working.

7.he equipment comes with an online oil monitoring device.

8.The company's service is leading in the industry: Every month, there will be regular visits and services; the company promises to provide door-to-door service within 4 hours according to customers’ requirements.

9.Consumable replacement service: All the consumables that need to be replaced in the first year of normal use of the machine will be taken care of by our company .

Table of technical specifications and parameters

Nominal flow: 50L / min
Working voltage: ≤0.4MPa
Ultimate vacuum degree :≤
Working vacuum degree:≤
Working oil temperature:℃
Power supply: Three-phase five-wire
Heating power :18KW-72KW
Overall power:22KW-80KW
Working noise: ≤70dB(A)
Total Weight :400-960 Kg
 The diameter of Oil inlet and outlet pipe: DN60
 External dimensions:1650*1500*1950mm
 Average trouble-free working time: ≥5000h

 The head of delivery :≥ 10m

 Material: The whole machine is made of anti-corrosion material .
 Pollution degree:The device is equipped with oil cleaning monitoring system
 Moisture: The device is equipped with moisture monitoring system
 Viscosity: The device is equipped with viscosity detection system
 Detection result: The device is equipped with an online printer
 Control: LCD PLC touch screen control system
Oil inlet and outlet: There are 10 oil inlets and 10 oil outlets
Remarks: With open mobile type and reinforced casters , it is convenient for long-distance movement.

Note: The above parameters may be slightly adjusted according to the customer's oil condition or technical improvement, Please refer to the actual product .


Parameters after oil filtration 

Water content in oil(ppm)≤10ppm    There’s no trace of water(GB/T260)

LC/oil breathing H-HWM-A5 oil cleaning system device
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LC/oil breathing H-HWM-A5 oil cleaning system device


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